Pozuelos Safari ( 3 Days/2 Nights)

Those who have a special interest in Nature Photography and Andean Culture will certainly find this Safari to their taste. We will travel up the famous Humahuaca Gorge passing by small indian villages with its typical adobe houses, narrow streets and llama herds kept in stone corrales.

Then on to the Puna or High Andean Plateau, exploring ravines, alluvial stretches and areas where the resinous Tola bush grow, finally reaching the town of Abra Pampa, where we shall spend the first night of our tour.

Early the next morning we go on to Pozuelos lake in its high altitude basin , where all 3 species of South American Flamingoes congregate. Andean wildlife seems to be here in all its glory, and we will enjoy a surprising abundance and variety of other special creatures such as the Andean Goose, Avocet, Giant Coot, Vicuna, Puna Rhea and a host of shorebirds that migrate south from their breeding grounds in the Northern hemisphere.

A crimson sunset in the mountains , with your tent pitched on the "roof of the World", overlooking the wide open spaces of the silent Puna, is an experience not to be missed.
On the third morning we explore the bank of the River Cincel on foot and after a hearty breakfast start our leisure return trip to Salta down the Humahuaca Canyon.

Note: Participants should bring with them a sleeping bag, sunscreen lotion, a hat, sunglasses, a torch and footwear suitable for light trekking. Medication to prevent high-altitude sickness may be necessary as well.