Los Cardones Safari (One day or Two days/one night)

Los Cardones National Park, approximately 100km to the south-east of the city of Salta, is one of the newest and most attractive of the protected areas in North West Argentina.

Over the years many people have passed through the region, from the heroes of the struggle for Independence, who transported on horseback the famous Piedra del Molino (Mill Stone) to the highest point of the "The Bishop's Slope", to the travellers of today, who drive along the straight route of Tin Tin through the town and valleys of Cachi.

Our Safari to Los Cardones passes through different levels of vegetation, from the basal montane forest to the high andean pastures. It includes hikes in the Valle Encantado, and the Plateau of Cachipampa with excellent opportunities to photograph and observe the flora and fauna in their natural surrounding.

Deep gorges, Churqui forests, Tolares and the snow-capped mountain peaks which loom above: all of these evoke a magical atmosphere. Herds of guanacos running freely along mountain ridges, extensive areas of giant cactus and the majestic flight of the Condor are some of the attractions in our Safari to this magnificent National Park.