The National Parks Circuit (Four days / Three nights)

This exclusive programme takes us to the most representative National Parks of the Andean North as well as to other areas of singular natural beauty. We leave the City of Salta and drive along the Santa Laura mountain ridge where gigantic Cedars and Laurels form a tunnel hung with curtains of epiphytes.

Our road takes us north to Calilegua National Park in the heart of the Cloud Forests of Jujuy. We shall explore up through different strata of the forest until we reach the Alder and Montane Pine woods, which afford marvellous views into the deep valleys with their lush tropical plantations and, away into the distance to the High Andean Plateau.

On the second day we travel on towards the Chaco environment with its Yuchan and Pacara trees, which stand out like sentries of this dry forest. Continuing southwards now towards the El Rey National Park, we cross lowland savannah and cultivated fields. By evening we will cross the mountains into El Rey, set up camp and enjoy a robust barbeque for dinner.

The morning of our third day will be devoted to explore the trails in search of hidden creatures of the forest. Clouds of delicate multicoloured butterflies, a family group of Red Yungas Squirrel, the rare Fasciated Tiger-Heron or the shy Yaguaroundi may be encountered. We continue our journey along the gorge of the River Juramento with its high walls of different coloured rock on either side, until we reach Cabra Corral Reservoir, where we pitch our tents and organize the campfire. Climbing and Rafting are offered here as extra activities in the afternoon for those wishing to experience the adventure.

On the fourth day we continue our journey up to the clouds, on the look out for Andean Condors. At Los Cardones National Park we visit and hike the Enchanted Valley with its mysterious pre-Incan paintings. Then we explore the high plateau of Cachipampa, a vast area of Giant Cactus where herds of Guanacos roam freely on the plains. We return to Salta in the evening down the Bishop's Slope, a fitting end to this memorable journey.

We recommend the National Parks Circuit both to the Nature lover and photographer or the discerning traveller with an appetite for new experiences.

Note: Accommodation in 3 star hotels is available throughout the trip, close to each National Park we visit.