One of the most outstanding events of colours and sounds of the Nature are Birds that here, in the Andean North of Argentina, prove to be particularly attractive.

Watching the majestic soaring Andean Condor above snow-capped peaks, feeding groups of tanagers and furnariids moving around in dense cloudforest vegetation, or thousands of Andean and Puna Flamingoes in idyllic blue lakes, we will smoothly get into this magic world.

All this with excellent food, good accommodation and the warm welcome of its people combine to make Salta, in Northwest Argentina, an unparalelled destination. A unique year-round birdwatching experience for beginners and experts alike.

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Your bird-guides: Mario Mosqueira and Ricardo Clark

1) Half-day outings:

The Cloudforest or the Chaco woodland
Half-day excursions of about 5 hours duration in the morning, in the afternoon or by night, visiting a couple of selected places in the Salta area, where we get excellent opportunities to find several specialities of these habitats.

2) Full-day excursions

The Cloudforest:
Leaving from Salta at 6:30am northwards, visiting the Campo Alegre area and the Santa Laura mountain pass. We return to Salta at about 7:00 pm.

The Chaco Salteņo woodland:
Leaving from Salta at 6:30 am eastwards, visiting a couple of places in the Mojotoro Sierra. We return to Salta at about 7:00 pm.
The High Andes - Puna:

Leaving from Salta at 6:30 am westwards, visiting altiplano grasslands and a high-andean lake nestling on the slopes of Mount Chaņi. We return to Salta at about 7:00 pm.

Our half and full-day excursions include in their prices all private transportation, expert bird-guide with telescope, books and field check-list.

3) Two days-One night excursions:

These programs feature the advantage of combining two different habitats and include picnic lunches in the field, plus one night's accommodation at a hotel in a strategic location.

Our alternatives are:
a) Cloudforest + Chaco Salteņo
b) Cloudforest + Puna
c) Chaco Salteņo + Puna

Any of the mentioned alternatives will produce a long list of birds including many of the specialities of each habitat visited.

4) Three days/Two nights Excursions:

This itinerary features the advantage of combining valuable sectors of the three major habitats in Salta:

Cloudforest, Puna, Chaco Salteņo
It also includes picnic lunches in the field and two nights accommodation at hotels in convenient location. We are certain to study an impressive list of species including a high percentage of specialities in each habitat visited.

Please note:
Birding destinations are always chosen in each case depending on the time of the year, weather conditions and particular interest of the participants in selected species. - Longer birding tours are organized on a taylor-made basis. - We cater to both individuals and groups - Enquiries from foreign birdwatching tour operators are specially invited.